Joel Bedell- President/CEO
  • Provide quality on-time products
  • Electrical / Mechanical review chairman
  • Budget / review
  • Assist project leader to prioritize work to meet
    delivery schedule
  • Coordinate and schedule goals with finance, quality,
    and program management

Quality Assurance
  • Create overall QA program plan
  • Monitor purchase order / contractual flowdown items
  • Monitor all incoming parts for the program
  • Monitor all finished goods and work in process items
  • Keep abreast of all contractual changes as it affects
  • Monitor schedules
  • Monitor all groups for budget compliance
    (engineering; production)
  • Monitor schedule along with Q/A

  Project Engineer
  • Overall electrical and mechanical system level design
  • Coordination of electrical and mechanical design
  • Personnel assignments (electrical/mechanical assignments)
  • Coordinate buys with purchasing for breadboard and prototype unit
  • Customer contact for all electrical and mechanical charges or problems
  • Overall schedule responsibility
  • Qualification by similarity arguments backup

  • Review customer specifications
  • Review purchase order / contract
  • Point of contact between customer and Project Engineer

  Electrical Design
  The power supply design task will be broken up among 3 electrical designers. Responsibility will be assigned for EMI bulk module, linear regulator module, etcetera. Mechanical engineering and PWB layout personnel will report directly to electrical design.

Design areas of responsibility:
  • Electrical design
  • PWB layout
  • Stress analysis / MTBF
  • Thermal design
  • Mechanical Requirements for vibration and shock
  • All testing for specification compliance
  PWB layout
  • Schematic capture
  • PWB layout
  • Preparation of artwork
  • Assembly Drawings

  Mechanical Design
  • Overall mechanical layout
  • Piece part mechanical drawings
  • Assembly drawings for system

  Documentation personnel
  • List of documentation (LOD) top level parts list
  • Individual parts lists for subassemblies
  • Creation of all necessary test documents

  Production Department
  • Build bread board according to instruction for engineering
  • Build prototype and production units according to assembly documentation

  Test department
  • Electrical testing according to test plan/procedure
  • Mechanical, environmental testing per plan/procedure