Description: Military Power Factor Control Module
Input: 115VAC Single Phase MIL-STD 1399
Output: 270VDC, 600 Watts

The PFC-600 also features short circuit protection and 600 watts of delivered power. Units may be paralleled for additional power requirements.

Name: PowerSlim V2 Series
Description : Military Dual Isolated DC to
DC Converters
Input: 28, 155 or 270VDC
Output: To 300 Watts Single or Dual Output 3.3
to 15VDC

The ATC PowerSlim™ V2 is a dual input and a dual output module providing two totally isolated and regulated outputs for a total power level of 300 watts

Name: PowerSlim V3 Series
Description : Military Dual Isolated DC to DC Converters, Triple Output
Input: 28, 48, 155, or 270VDC
Output: To 200 Watts Triple Output 5/±12/±15VDC

The ATC PowerSlim™ V3 voltages other than 5V, 12V, 15V can be custom tailored to meet your requirements.

Name: PowerSync™ V2 Series
Description : Military DC/DC Converter
Dual Output
Input: 28, 155 or 270 VDC
Output: Up to 300 Watts 3.3/5VDC Output


Name: PowerSync™ V3 Series
Description : Military DC/DC Converter
Triple Output
Input: 28, 155 or 270 VDC
Output: Up to 240 Watts Triple Output

Name: PowerStep ll Syncro Series
Description : Military DC/DC Converter
Single High Density Output
Input: 155 or 270 VDC
Output: Up to 150 Watts 3.3/5VDC Output


Description : 28 VIN Boost Converter
Input:14.5 -100 VDC
Output:300 W

MIL-BOOST Product Highlights:

• 14.5 to 100 VDC Input Operation
• Up to 300 Watts Output Power
• Continuous 52VDC Output Power
• 94% Efficiency
• -55 to 100°C Baseplate Operation
• MIL-STD-704 A-F Compatible
• MIL-STD-1275 A-B Compatible
• OverTemperature Protected
• Fixed Frequency Operation


Name: High Power half Pint
Description : 50 Watt Military Grade
DC/ DC Converter
Input: 28VDC

•¼ Size Module(1.2’’x2.3’’x0.5’’)
• 50 Watts Output Power
• Single Output
• Surface Mount Construction
• Fixed Frequency Operation
• External Synchronization
• Overload/Short Circuit Protection
• Over Temperature Shutdown
• Over Voltage Protection
• External Shut Down Control


Name:POWERMIL 150 Vin
Description :28 or 270 VIN DC - DC Converters
Output:up to 200 W
Input: 18 to 40 VDC or 200 to 400 VDC

POWERMIL 150 Vin Highlights :

• High Efficiency
• Conduction Cooled (Baseplate)
• Mil Temp Range
• Overload/Short Circuit Protection
• Overvoltage Protection
• Over Temperature Protection
• Fixed Frequency Operation
• Parallel Outputs Capability
• Low Cost, COTS Applications